Communication, Media, and Culture

Communication, Media, and Culture

Media have reached just about every aspect of our social life, from the news we watch, the stories we read, the ads we encounter, the social media we use, and the entertainment media we enjoy. The program teaches students not only how to make sense of the mediated world, but also to “read” media critically through a firm grounding in the history and theory of communication, and to produce media content creatively and responsibly. The curriculum turns students into skilled scholars, analysts, and leaders in their careers and personal associations. Students develop intercultural competence and prudence for the workplace. The program also explores the understanding of organizational politics and the practice and applied communication skills in intercultural settings. Students are prepared to enter graduate school or the contemporary workplace with interactive precision in various settings. 

Program Outcomes —Upon completing a major program in Communication and Media Studies, students will:

  • Know the field and apply the theories of communication, media, and culture 
  • Communicate effectively through various media formats
  • Conduct responsible research by critically evaluating information and analyzing cultural texts
  • Apply communication concepts to recognize various perspectives and appreciate differences

B.A. in Communication, Media, and Culture (39 hours)

Core Requirements (15 hours)

  • COMM 110 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • COMM 200 Mass Communication and Society (3)
  • COMM 251 Introduction to Cultural Theory (3)
  • COMM 360 Communication Theory and Method (3)
  • COMM 490 Senior Seminar (3)

Major Electives: Choose Six (18 hours)

  • COMM 211 Media Writing (3)
  • COMM 280 Gender, Race and Culture (3)
  • COMM 301 The Internet and Society (3)
  • COMM 305 Communication and Popular Culture (3)
  • COMM 326 Issues in Global Communication (3)
  • COMM 353 Organizational Communication (3)
  • COMM 399R Internship in Communication (3)
  • COMM 410 Political Communication (3)
  • COMM 420 Media and Culture (3)
  • COMM 430 Media Law and Ethics (3)

Other Electives: Choose Two (6 hours)

  • ANTH 105, 391, 445, 460
  • FILM 102, 300
  • HIST 423
  • HUM 151, 251, 3XX

No grades lower than C- will be accepted. A student must leave the major after failing to obtain at least a C- grade for the same major course after taking it twice, and no more than 3 major courses may be repeated more than once.