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Graphic Design

The mission of the Visual Arts Department at Brigham Young University–Hawaii is to educate leaders in visual communication with the aptitudes necessary to establish professional creative endeavor. Students in the graphic design track are trained with studio proficiency in digital imaging and computer software production techniques for branding, publication, and web design, with additional opportunities in photography, and video.


Students in the painting track are trained to work as self-employed freelance artists, specializing in a specific area of the field with the skills necessary to develop gallery exhibitions. Upon completion students demonstrate studio proficiency in hand crafted visual art production techniques. The BFA program is designed to raise the skills of students to professional levels and to develop a professional portfolio for career development, graduate school, and higher education opportunities.


Students in the sculpture track specialize in a medium of sculpture or ceramics with the skills necessary to develop gallery exhibitions. All Visual Arts students study methods of critical thinking through critique, compositional analysis, and interpretation of the elements and principles of design. Upon completion students demonstrate leadership and self-directed learning through independent study, student research and internship opportunities.